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Alabama Purchase, Refinance, and Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages

We are very pleased to announce the addition of REVERSE MORTGAGES to our program line up. If you know someone who is age 62 or older and frets over their finances, or has a need – new roof, car repair, health issues, etc.- or maybe they would just like the peace of mind from having available cash, then please have them call today. Please continue reading for more details about this great program, and remember, we can do these loans anywhere in the states of Alabama or Florida.

How does a Reverse Mortgage protect my heirs and me?

The older we get, the less risk we should take; the better we should protect our health, family, home and financial situation. Protection is one of the key elements of the Reverse Mortgage.

Your home is protected.

With a Reverse Mortgage you remain the owner and you keep title to your home. The Reverse Mortgage has been designed to allow homeowners to stay in the home, own the home, and still enjoy the assets of the home while living in it. The protection of homeownership is the highest priority of the Reverse Mortgage. You keep title to the home. You are the owner as long as you or your spouse lives in the home.

You never have to make monthly mortgage payments to the lender.

You will be required to keep taxes and insurance current, and keep up maintenance on the home.

Do I qualify for a Reverse Mortgage?

Alabama Reverse MortgageReverse Mortgages are quite easy to qualify for:

Minimum age 62

The youngest of the borrowers has to be at least 62 years old.

Home Owner

You must own a home to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage. If there is a mortgage or other lien against the home, this has to be paid back with the Reverse Mortgage. The home may also require some repairs. In most situations, these may be paid from the Reverse Mortgage.

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We now offer Reverse Mortgage Purchases, and Reverse Mortgage Refinances.

How does a Reverse Mortgage help me with cash?

“You can be young without money, but you cannot be old without it.” — Tennessee Williams
62 plus qualifies reverse mortgage

Three ways to get cash from a Reverse Mortgage.

You decide how you want to receive cash from a Reverse Mortgage:
  1. As a lump sum upfront A lump sum upfront is often used to pay off an existing mortgage, or expensive credit card debt or unexpected bills.
  2. As monthly income Supplement your pension or social security income.
  3. As a line of credit A line of credit is a financial safety net; it provides instant access to cash whenever you need it.

You are free to do whatever you want with the cash from a Reverse Mortgage.

It is your money; there are no restrictions on what you do with the cash from the Reverse Mortgage. Use it for your health and well-being, your travels, your grandchildren…. It’s your choice.

All proceeds that you receive through a Reverse Mortgage are tax free.

The proceeds you receive from a Reverse Mortgage are not taxed and will not move you into a higher tax bracket.

Your social security payments continue.

They are not impacted by a Reverse Mortgage. Legally you are tapping equity and not receiving income, so social security payments are not affected. However, Medicaid or other complementary programs may be affected in certain situations. As always, consult a specialist.